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Coding Bugs[edit | edit source]

The following are code-related bugs that exist in the game. None of these affect the ability to complete the game.

  • The "monsterinit" script adjusts the stats of goblins, but fails to adjust the middlestat as it is incorrectly called middlestatstat.
  • The "monsterinit" script, sets the secondary stats of monsters, to a base low value, and then adjusts them based on the primary stat value. This adjustment fails partially for mysticality types, and fully for moxie types, as the stats are defined in the same, muscle→mysticality→moxie order for all classes, and thus the primary stat is not always set when the adjust is made.
  • A vinegar-soaked ghost is incorrectly named "a cucumber-obsessed ghost".
  • The fight with the 3 goblin guards in the barracks of Gustavson_Gulch should result in some consumable drops, but the items are misnamed and do not drop.
  • The startled rattlesnake has two combat resolution (win/lose) scripts. The unused one follows a consistent naming, as well as a more consistent XP progression between the sleepy rattlesnake and the angry rattlesnake (although it is also incomplete in its own way).
  • The electrified snake in Humming Cave does not provide any venom or medicine to Snake Oilers. The code tries to add 1-2 medicine, but does not actually increment the medicine value, while the venom increment is not actually initialized.
  • A wandering encounter with an old Viking skeleton (skeletonb1) enables the option to use Hornswogglin' at level 2, even though the option itself specifies Hornswogglin' 3.
  • A wandering encounter with a old wizard skeleton [sic] (skeletonb2) enables the option to use Outfoxin' at level 2, even though the option itself specifies Outfoxin' 3.
  • Wandering encounters in region B should force you to discover the Destroyed Campsite after the 5-6th encounter, but do not due to a typo in the code ("ranomencounters_b" instead of "randomencounters_b")
  • The two cow-themed combats in wandering encounters in region B are made more frequent by the bone-chip ring (which should only affect skeleton encounters).
  • El Vibrato caches drop various gear items after specific numbers of caches have been opened. The El Vibrato pants should be included after 9 caches are opened, but the code branching to that does not include 9 in the list of quantities it checks for.
  • Lost Dutch Oven Mine should be a location you can discover while wandering in region C, but the code to actually give you that option is missing.
  • While the number of goblins fought each time from the shed in Fort Unnecessary is limited at 9, the amount of experience granted continues to increase with every fight, uncapped.
  • Buttonwillow's Store should sell (2) sulphur matches. The code that initializes the store on first entry, however, adds them to Breadwood Trading Post instead.

DLC-specific[edit | edit source]

The Reckonin' at Gun Manor expansion contains some bugs specific to the DLC.

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