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Combat items have various effects during combat, either damaging enemies or healing yourself or your allies. Using a combat item consumes it, but you can use multiple items during a combat round. The following table shows a list of all combat items in the game. Below the table is the formal category listing.

Combat Items List[edit | edit source]

Image Name Enchantment Source Selling Price
Icon armyfirstaid.png army field trauma kit Restores 10 HP 3
Icon antidote.png basic venom vial Poison an enemy 10
Icon bowlingchunk.png bowling ball chunk (DLC) Deals damage equal to your Muscle 40
Icon kerosene.png can of kerosene Weakens foes and makes them flammable 3
Icon bulletpoison.png chemical bullet Poisons an enemy 3
Icon dynamite.png dynamite Damages an enemy in combat and is sometimes useful outside of combat as well 3
Icon elvdrone1.png El Vibrato assault drone Activates an El Vibrato drone to fight for you
Icon elv grenade.png El Vibrato grenade Deals 25 damage to all enemies
Icon elvdrone2.png El Vibrato medical drone Activates an El Vibrato drone to heal you and your allies
Icon elvteleporter.png El Vibrato teleporter Relocates El Vibrato constructs to... elsewhere
Icon necrobone.png ensorcelled skeleton bone Summon a skeleton to protect you 0
Icon necrochips.png ensorcelled skull chips Summon a skeletal wizard to do your bidding
Icon necrotooth.png ensorcelled tooth Summon a skeletal gunslinger to watch your backbone
Icon housemedicine.png expensive medicine (DLC) Heals 50% of your Maximum HP 40
Icon bulletdense.png extra-dense bullet (DLC) Does 50 percent more damage than a regular bullet 15
Icon oil2.png extra-flammable bullet oil Deals Hot damage to an enemy and sets them on fire 20
Icon oil5.png extra-venomous bullet oil Deals damage to an enemy and poisons them 20
Icon oil3.png flaming bullet oil Deals Hot damage to all enemies and sets them on fire 30
Icon oil1.png flammable bullet oil Deals Hot damage to an enemy 10
Icon canteen.png full canteen Puts out fires 3
Icon fungusbomb.png fungicide bomb Can kill a lot of goblins at once, but it takes a while 10
Icon webglob.png glob of spider web (DLC) Reduces target's stats by 25% 40
Icon bulletfire.png incendiary bullet Sets an enemy on fire 3
Icon oil6.png incredibly venomous bullet oil Deals damage to all enemies and poisons them 30
Icon rope4.png infernal leather lasso Disables target for 3 rounds, deals Hot damage to them, and sets them on fire 30
Icon rope.png lasso Disables target for 2 rounds 3
Icon potionbottle.png loco weed extract Gives you two Action Points when used in combat 30
Icon dynamite.png old stick of dynamite Deals 40 damage 30
Icon antidote.png patent emetic Cures poison 3
Icon bulletsilver.png silver bullet Deals extra damage against cows and other demonic creatures 3
Icon smellingsalts.png smelling salts Gives you one additional Action Point when used in combat 3
Icon rope3.png smoldering leather lasso Disables target for 3 rounds and deals Hot damage to them 20
Icon snakeliver.png snake liver Restores 15 HP 10
Icon antidote.png snake medicine Restores 5 HP 10
Icon snakespleen.png snake spleen Sets an enemy on fire 10
Icon venomgland.png snake venom bladder Poisons target for 5 10
Icon match.png sulphur match Deals 1 Hot damage and ignites flammable things 3
Icon rope2.png thick leather rope Disables target for 3 rounds 10
Icon oil4.png venomous bullet oil Deals some damage to an enemy and poisons them 10
Icon fungicide.png weak fungicide Effective against goblins 3