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In one hand you have your pistol, and in the other your weapon. For all those other things you want to carry you still have your off-hand though. The following table shows a list of all off-hand items in the game. Below the table is the formal category listing.

Off-hand Things List[edit | edit source]

Image Name Enchantment Source Selling Price
Icon 3ball.png 3 ball (DLC) Regenerate 2–10 HP per round of combat
+5–25 Maximum HP
Icon 5ball.png 5 ball (DLC) Start every fight on fire 100
Icon 6ball.png 6-ball (DLC) Start every fight poisoned 100
Icon rustycan.png ancient bean can +3 Mysticality 43
Icon rangefinder.png antique rangefinder +5 Pistol Attack Damage 45
Icon kettle.png bean-iron kettle +50 Maximum HP 150
Icon saucepan.png bean-iron saucepan Regenerate 5 HP per round of combat 100
Icon skillet.png bean-iron skillet +3 Armor 50
Icon censer.png br*** censer +3 Mysticality 25
Icon document2.png Breadwood cheat sheet +5 Moxie 45
Icon canary.png caged canary 20% Spooky Resistance 50
Icon beans2.png can of infinite beans +1 Spell Damage
+1 Muscle
+1 Moxie
Icon goblinskull.png dramatic goblin skull +4 Mysticality
-2 Moxie
Icon driftwoodsculpture.png driftwood sculpture +4 Armor 60
Icon elvcone.png El Vibrato cone +7 Muscle
+7 Mysticality
+7 Moxie
Icon porcelaincow.png filthy porcelain cow +3 Melee Attack Damage
+3 Spell Damage
  • At the bottom of the spittoon in the Jewel Saloon in Dirtwater
Icon ghostflower.png ghost flower +11 Spell Damage 40
Icon sphere.png glass sphere +10% Item-finding Bonus 30
Icon goblinspyglass.png goblin spyglass +1 Pistol Attack Damage
-2 Muscle
Icon goblinsack.png goblin trash sack +10% Item-finding Bonus 10
Icon gmtoken.png Gun Manor pistol token (DLC) + 2–10 Moxie
+ 1–17 Pistol Attack Damage
Icon gmtoken.png Gun Manor rifle token (DLC) + 2–10 Mysticality
+ 1–17 Spell Damage
Icon gmtoken.png Gun Manor shotgun token (DLC) + 2–10 Muscle
+ 1–17 Melee Attack Damage
Icon bag4.png infernal leather bag +30% to Meat Gains
+20% Item-finding Bonus
Icon stuffedbear1.png large plush bear +4 Muscle
+4 Melee Attack Damage
Icon stuffedcat1.png large plush cat +4 Moxie
+4 Pistol Attack Damage
Icon stuffedowl1.png large plush owl +4 Mysticality
+4 Spell Damage
Icon horseshoe.png lucky horseshoe +6 Pistol Attack Damage 5
Icon macreadywatch.png Macready's pocketwatch (DLC) +50% to Meat Gains
+40% Item-finding Bonus
  • the skeleton of Matt Macready
Icon bag5.png rucker's ranchsack +30% Item-finding Bonus 75
Icon seaskull.png sea skull +13 Spell Damage 60
Icon shinyball.png shiny ball +4 Moxie 40
Icon stuffedbear2.png small plush bear +4 Melee Attack Damage
  • Getting 2/3 of the way at the Test Your Might stall at the Circus
Icon stuffedcat2.png small plush kitten +3 Pistol Attack Damage
  • Shooting from the hip at the Test Your Aim stall at the Circus
Icon stuffedowl2.png small plush owl +5 Spell Damage
  • Guessing 2/3 of the cards at the Test Your Mind stall at the Circus
Icon bag3.png smoldering leather bag +20% to Meat Gains
+10% Item-finding Bonus
Icon souvspoon.png souvenir spoon +3 Moxie 15
Icon stovedoor.png stove door +4 Armor 55
Icon iphone.png strange glass rectangle +11 Moxie 1100
Icon bouquet.png sweet-smellin' flowers 15% Stench Resistance
  • Little girl selling flowers on the Dirtwater Main Thoroughfare (50 Meat)
Icon offhand hedge.png the Hedge Wizard's orb (DLC) +X Mysticality
+X Armor
  • Defeating the Hedge Wizard
Icon bag1.png thick leather bag +10% to Meat Gains 50
Icon scapula.png vibrating scapula +7 Spell Damage 45
Icon weirdidol.png weird silver idol +6 Mysticality
-3 Muscle
-3 Moxie
Icon worrystone.png worry stone +6 Moxie 25