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WoL GM Visitor Center.png
Gun Manor Visitor Center
Gun Manor
Unlocked by
Arriving at Gun Manor

The Gun Manor Visitor Center is the gift shop for the Manor. It is located just past the Carriage House.

The visitor center is initially deserted, as all the employees are trapped in one way or another by the manor's ghosts. Returning the 7 manor employees to work allows you to take advantage of whatever services they provide here.

Greeter[edit | edit source]

  • Having been freed from a cocoon in the Gun Manor Cellar, the greeter greets you as you enter.
  • Walking up to the greeter after he greets you gives the message: "Having greeted you, he now stands perfectly silent."

Record Player[edit | edit source]

Parking Validation[edit | edit source]

Your character asks the worker if he/she can get a parking validation. The worker explains that ghost carriages don't need validations. Nothing can be gained from this encounter.

Info[edit | edit source]

The worker can be saved from the Gun Manor Library.

You can ask the info worker about gun manor, Mrs. Gun, or Mrs. Gun's family. If you asked why he was under a book about rocks in the library you can learn random rock facts, this action is repeatable.

Snacks[edit | edit source]

  • The snack vendor must be first freed from serving in the Gun Manor Dining Room. From him you can purchase:
* deep-fried holster 50 - 120 Meat
* gun-shaped cookie 50 - 120 Meat
* gunpowder turkey leg 50 - 120 Meat

Photos[edit | edit source]

The employee takes your picture then gives you a picture of the manor itself. The picture is seemingly useless, and if you know a use for it please put it here. When asked why you didn't get a picture of yourself he says the its a Gun Manor souvenir picture, so of course it's of Gun Manor.

Candy[edit | edit source]

* steel-flavored candy stick 45 - 80 Meat
* fire-flavored candy stick 45 - 80 Meat
* gunpowder-flavored candy stick 45 - 80 Meat

Souvenirs[edit | edit source]

This worker can be saved from the locked guest room.

He sells you a shot glass with your name on it. Now you gain XP from drinking alcohol! You can only buy 1 glass.

Tokens[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]