Gustavson Gulch

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Mapicon gulch.png
Gustavson Gulch
East of the Mountains
Unlocked by
Talking to Smee after becoming foreman at the Railroad Camp

Gustavson Gulch is where the goblins that robbed the train of its dynamite load are found.

Several buildings are located here:

Goblin Mayor[edit | edit source]

Goblinhead mayor angry.png The Mayor
Bad guys
a tophatted Gulch Goblin
XP (kill)
15 - 16

The first character you encounter is a goblin mayor. If you have Goblintongue you may talk to him, and with at least level 2 of Outfoxin', Intimidatin', or Hornswogglin' persuade him to let you in without a fight.

If you have Gary as a Pardner, talking to him here will give you an iron key. When you approach the first goblin, you are offered a riddle game instead of the normal conversation. After solving 3 riddles, he will give you a year's supply of dynamite. Gary prevents access to the rest of the camp.

Nothing Interesting[edit | edit source]

Goblinhead crackerjack.png A goblin
Bad guys
a trigger-happy Gulch Goblin
XP (kill)
15 - 16
  • A goblin is within, as you may have surmised from the noises.

Library[edit | edit source]

  • You can read three books:
    • So Very Complicated Numbers
    • How to Bird Noise
      • Reading this book gives you the ability to avoid the fight with the second guard in the Treasure Cave.
    • Alice Going Into a Seeing Glass

Delicatessen[edit | edit source]

Storage[edit | edit source]

Red Herring Storage[edit | edit source]

WoL Goblin fishwizard.png Red Herring Storage
Bad guys
a Gulch Goblin fishwizard
a Gulch Goblin fishwizard
XP (kill)
30 - 32

Mayor's House[edit | edit source]

  • A bed
  • A desk
    • Contains Important Secrets, revealing the drawer number within the storage hut of the spare key to the treasure cave (#69105)

Theatre[edit | edit source]

Goblinhead goblet.png Theatre
Bad guys
XP (kill)
15 - 16
dramatic goblin skull
  • You may choose to fight a goblin, or head backstage
  • Listening to the play from backstage rewards you with 20 - 22, and gives you the ability to avoid the fight with the first guard in the Treasure Cave.

Cafe[edit | edit source]

  • The door is locked, but can be picked open. Inside you find 3 goblin chicory.
    • With Goblintongue you can read the shift schedule, giving you the ability to avoid the fight with the third guard in the Treasure Cave.
    • If you sent the third goblin from the treasure cave back to work, you can buy goblin chicory for 50 meat from him.

Guard Barracks[edit | edit source]

Goblinhead angry.pngGoblinhead crackerjack.pngGoblinhead sadchef.png Guard Barracks
Bad guys
a Gulch Goblin cactusjack
a Gulch Goblin crackerjack
a Gulch Goblin flapjackjack
XP (kill)
45 - 48
Gustavson Gulch treasure cave key
11 of
130% chance of 1 of
20% chance of 1 of
20% chance of 1 of

Treasure Cave[edit | edit source]

Goblinhead cactushelmet.pngGoblinhead cactushelmet.pngGoblinhead cactushelmet.png Treasure Cave
Bad guys
A Gulch Goblin treasure guard 1
A Gulch Goblin treasure guard 2
A Gulch Goblin treasure guard 3
XP (kill)
20 - 22
XP (trick)
20 - 22 x goblins tricked