Kole Ridge Mine

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Kole Ridge Mine
East of the Mountains
Unlocked by

Items[edit | edit source]

Outside the Mine

Inside the Mine

Deeper in the Mine


Bad Guys[edit | edit source]

Lockers 1.png The 2nd locker
Bad guys
a shaving-cream-covered skeleton
XP (kill)
15 - 16
skeleton bone
skull chips
handful of loose teeth
  • Opening up the 2nd locker results in a shaving-cream-covered skeleton jumping out at you to fight, claiming he died from being shoved inside and then it was filled with shaving cream.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Going deeper into the mine requires a length of rope.
  • 3 spirals can be found, two inscribed on the ground and one on the wall, in the Deepest level.