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Map.pngAbandoned MineAbandoned Pickle FactoryAlamo Rent-A-MuleAlexandria RanchBaker Boys' HideoutBreadwoodBreadwoodBuffalo PileButterfield RanchButtonwillow's StoreCavern CanyonChuck's HouseCircusCurious Abandoned WellCurious CopseCurious False MountainCurious Flat PlainDeepest Delve MineDesert HouseDestroyed CampsiteDirtwaterDynamite Dan'sFort AlldeadFort CowardiceFort MemoriamFort of DarknessFort TreasonFort UnnecessaryFriscoGhostwoodGustavson GulchHalloway's HideawayHellstrom RanchHumming CaveJelly Bean Thieves' HideoutJeweler's CabinJumbleneck MineJumbleneck MineKellogg RanchKole Ridge MineLast Custard StandLazy-A Dude RanchLost Dutch Oven MineMadness Maw MineMilitary CemeteryMoonshine StillNecromancer's TowerOl' GranddadOl' Schmaltz BreweryOld MillineryOld Railroad CampOld Railroad CampOlive Garden's HomesteadPetting CemeteryPostal Way StationReboot HillRescue MissionRoy Bean's HouseShaggy Dog CaveShroomcaveSilversmith's HouseSnake SpringSnakepit MineSoupstock LodeSoupstock LodeStearns RanchThe Big AppleThe DaveyardThe Great Garbanzo's HideoutThe Old MissionThe Perfessor's HouseThe Potemkin GangThe Silver PlaterThe West PoleThe West PoleWasco's Comedy Shack

This page contains general information about Locations in West of Loathing.

Prologue[edit | edit source]

East of the Mountains[edit | edit source]

West of the Mountains[edit | edit source]

Coast[edit | edit source]