Murray's Curiosity & Bean

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Dirtwater murrays.png
Murray's Curiosity & Bean
Unlocked by
Freeing Murray from the cult hypnosis

The wares available at Murray's Curiosity & Bean vary depending on neighbouring establishments.

Merchandise[edit | edit source]

* all-purpose beans 300 Meat
1 disturbing portrait 300 Meat With Alexandria's Bookstore next door
1 elaborate puzzle box 1000 Meat With Liquid Bread Brewing Co. next door
1 glass sphere 300 Meat
1 glimmering thread 30 Meat With Grady's Fine Leather Goods next door
1 golden scarab pin 1000 Meat
1 magician's pants 650 Meat
1 Meat-stained ring 200 Meat With Hot Doug's Hot Dogs next door
1 Ring of Inconspicuousness 500 Meat
1 teeny-tiny hat 300 Meat With Tony's Boots next door

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