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Patch v1.01 ("Our very first patch") for West of Loathing was released on August 14, 2017.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Corrected 11 typos (they were not funny)
  • An errant mention of “Christmas” is now the proper “Crimbo”
  • A save-file backup system (every 30 minutes) is now in place in case of save-file corruption.
  • A rudimentary set of alternative keyboard layouts is now supported, accessible from the main menu. Custom arbitrary keybinding is in the works for a subsequent patch. (Thanks for your patience!)
  • Under Linux, locale info is now set to en-US at launch.
  • Fixed a few off-by-one errors on stat checks; we blame math for starting at 0
  • Some choice popups should no longer (rarely) repeat options multiple times if re-triggered (other popups are still being ornery)
  • Special handling has been added for the case where you don’t have permission to write to your own save directory

  • Maxed Menacing Moo messaging made more meaningful
  • The Ol’ One-Two-Three should now live up to its name by actually dealing damage three times
  • Dark Howdy now properly reduces your non-Mysticality stats
  • Goblin spores will no longer reduce enemy stats below 1
  • Navigating the high-level Mastery Cookery crafting menus will now be easier
  • Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Bill’s attacks are now logged in Nerd Mode
  • Damage calculations and applied effects when shooting at enemies blocked by other enemies should be more sensical
  • Hornswogglin’ ticket-taker clowns will now display actual hornswogglin’

  • A couple random encounters with goblins will no longer reward “0 XP” rewards
  • Milliner bandits should no longer (rarely) become un-accusable
  • The ghost foremen at Jumbleneck Mine should no longer sometimes lock you into an infinite series of fights, each more horrible than the last
  • Fort Memoriam minatures now more accurately describe their capabilities
  • NPC "poker" players will no longer renege on their bets
  • Playing “poker” should now be far more consistent and sensical in general as well
  • A few hats should no longer show up in the final cutscene before you acquire them in-game

  • Buying the crazy horse should no longer sometimes give you the dark horse
  • Old military caps should now drop properly from fights in Fort Alldead
  • A perfect cup of coffee will now improve your life far more than a regular cup of coffee
  • Infernal leather boots no longer allow your Bull Stomps to set defeated enemies on fire
  • Newly-crafted infernal leather hats will now make your attacks set enemies on fire like it says they will
  • Ring of Inconspicuousness will no longer try to sometimes load a non-existent random encounter
  • Extra-venomous bullet oil is now properly craftable (assuming you have all the skills and ingredients)

Note: Typos, etc, on items are only fixed on NEW items created after the patch (Sorry)

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