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Patch v1.11.11.11 ("Taking out the Garbage Patch, Kids") for West of Loathing was released on July 11, 2019.

Today's long-in-coming patch fixes a couple of rare and extremely difficult-to-track-down crash bugs on Windows 10. Many thanks to the folks who helped us out by sending in Unity logs and testing things on a beta branch!

With this release we'll be closing all the current beta branches — this build incorporates every bug fix we've made thus far, so no one should need to be on a specialty build at this point. (We'll open fresh branches to address new issues as they arise.)

There's at least one additional Windows crash bug still out in the wild — if you're experiencing it, please let us know! It's extremely elusive at the moment.

We did tweak a few minor things as well:[edit | edit source]

  • The Spirit Guide achievement should no longer be awarded in situations where you didn't actually deserve it
  • The Hedge Wizard no longer dies silently (into that good night)
  • The dictionary now allows you to type both upper and lower case letters, just in Case you need to make your CASE
  • Added some extra dialogue to account for the possibility of offering two somewhat similar characters each other’s quest items instead of their own
  • If you don't own all the available DLC, a sign will appear on the main menu (many folks still don't know that there is DLC)
  • Fixed 11 typos; Added 11 different typos in other places, just to keep you on your toes