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This page contains a list of Perks in West of Loathing and how to acquire them.

Icon Perk Benefit How to Obtain
Appalachian Skull Whisperin'
Fluency in a very specific language of the dead Listen to the Whispering Skull found in the Old Mission Catacombs
Anatomical Learnin'
+3 Melee Attack Damage
Anatomical Workin'
+3 Melee Attack Damage Fix the anatomy chart at Kellog Ranch, or investigate Janet's parts at the Circus
Icon bigspleen.png
Big Spleen
+3 Spleen Capacity Option when reading snake oiling magazine (Snake-Oiler only perk)
+20 Maximum HP Option when reading a Tome of Cow Punching (Cow-Puncher only perk)
Clouded Eyes
-25 Pistol Attack Damage Read 6 Necromancer books
Icon emaciated.png
-3 Muscle Read 3 Necromancer books
Ever Vigilant
+2 Maximum AP Option when reading a Tome of Cow Punching (Cow-Puncher only perk)
Expert Poisoner
Poison damage is tripled Possible option when reading a Snake Oiler magazine
Expert Silversmithin'
You can make extra silver bullets when crafting them Obtained from Alexandria's Library.
Heart of Stone
+10 Maximum HP Build A Cheeky Gesture at the west pole (requires 20 moxie).
Heavy Trigger Finger
+3 Pistol Damage Build the impregnable tower at the west pole (requires 20 muscle).
Icon honorable.png
Honorable options will be available in some scenarios Choose to not shoot the sleeping enemy
Glutton for Punishment
You gain experience from fights even when you lose. Lose several battles. [Refine]
Icon goblintongue.png
You can communicate with Goblins One of the books in Doc Alice's bookcase
Icon greenthumb.png
Green Thumb
Gain XP from Foragin' Forage several plants. [Refine]
Kellog brand purity +30 max hp First sleep while wearing Chasity pants, then eat a bowl of Kellogg cereal, then go to the gym , stretch 1 time (do not select keep stretching) then use the lung machine twice, return to the stretcher (once again do not click to keep stretching) then use the skeleton vibrator three times in a row but similar to the stretcher do not select to keep going. Then return to stretcher, and once again do not select to continue. One you leave this final exercise you gain the perk
Kurtzian Philosopher
+10 Mysticality In the Fort of Darkness, talk to Kurt until you recieve this
Kurtzian Physique
+10 Muscle In the Fort of Darkness, in one of the tents, ask to join exercising whilst wearing the Kurtzfitz Pants and Headband.
Master of Flushing
+3 Muscle Flush X toilets
XP bonus for mining-related activites While at the Snakepit Mine, choose to explain the mining equipment fully
Mostly Scabs
+5 Maximum HP Bump into a lot of cactuses
Passin' Fair Mycologist
You can identify useful or dangerous mushrooms Gained from Pardner before entering the Shroomcave. Alternatively: Search Plot 420 at Military Cemetary
Percussive Maintenance
You can fix things the easy way Book found in Alexandria's library
Raise Skeletal Buddy
You can enchant bones, that summon skeletons in combat. Using the necromancy book obtained at one of the graveyards. [Refine]
Icon ruthless.png
Ruthless options will be available in some scenarios Perform a Ruthless action, such as shooting a sleeping enemy.
Silver Tongue
+3 Moxie Have the Silver Plater silver plate your tongue.
Song of the Spheres
+5 Spell Damage Build an elaborate orrery at the west pole (requires 20 mysticality).
Spittoon Hand
20% Hot, Cold, Sleaze Resistance Put your hand in the spittoon in several spittoons.
Icon walkingstupid.png
Stupid Walking
You walk in silly ways Check out the bookcase in your room 6 times to receive the book Walking Stupid. Read the book.
Thin Blood
-10 Max HP Read 4 Necromancer books
Icon uncanny.png
Uncanny Presence
20% Hot, Cold, Stench, Spooky, and Sleaze Resistance
Unlimited Bones
The bones of the Buffalo Pile are at your disposal Kill the cultists in Buffalo Pile by going left from the first room or by building Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Bill
Unlimited Grain
The grain in Kellogg Ranch is at your disposal Unlock the barn in Kellogg Ranch
Vein Glorious
Increased Meat gains from mining Obtained from Alexandria's Library.
Icon whitehair.png
White Hair
-3 Moxie Read 2 Necromancer books
Icon witheredmuscle.png
Withered Muscles
-25 Melee Attack Damage Read 5 Necromancer books

This table is a work in progress and does not reflect all perks.