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Each character class will have a unique set of skills.

Lists of skills[edit | edit source]

Nex-Mex Skills[edit | edit source]

These Necromantic skills are learned by reading Nex-Mex Textbooks. These can be obtained from encounters with Cultists and from other sources. While riding a pale horse, you will sometimes encounter random events that give you Nex-Mex textbooks.

Meddling with the Dark Arts comes with a price. While your first Nex-Mex book will not cause you harm, each subsequent book read will grant you a negative "perk" that weakens you in some way.

If Doc Alice is your companion, learning Nex-Mex skills will anger her. She will warn you each time you attempt to learn a Nex-Mex skill.

Icon Perk Benefit How to Obtain
Icon skull.png
Grinning skull spooky damage to single target
Icon vampiricyodel.png
Vampiric Yodel Drain health from enemy
Icon rainofteeth.png
Rain of teeth deal spooky damage to all enemies
Raise skeletal buddy enchant skeleton bones to become usable in combat to summon skeleton warriors
Raise Skeletal Thrall enchant skull chips to become usable in combat to summon skeleton wizards
Icon darkhowdy.png
Dark Howdy Gains mysticality and loose half that amount in muscle and moxie. Disables opponents.
Raise Skeletal Gunslinger enchant loose teeth to become usable in combat to summon Skeletal gunslingers