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Each character class will have a unique set of skills.

Lists of skills[edit | edit source]

Nex-Mex Skills[edit | edit source]

These Necromantic skills are learned by reading Nex-Mex Textbooks. These can be obtained from encounters with Cultists and from other sources. While riding a pale horse, you will sometimes encounter random events that give you Nex-Mex textbooks.

Meddling with the Dark Arts comes with a price. While your first Nex-Mex book will not cause you harm, each subsequent book read will grant you a negative "perk" that weakens you in some way. Of note, the weakened muscle trait grants a permanent -25 melee damage penalty, which could cripple characters who would otherwise specialize in melee.

If Doc Alice is your companion, learning Nex-Mex skills will anger her. She will warn you each time you attempt to learn a Nex-Mex skill.

Icon Name Benefit How to Obtain
Icon skull.png
Grinnin' Skull spooky damage to single target Introductory Nex-Mex
Icon vampiricyodel.png
Vampiric Yodel Drain health from enemy Intermediate Nex-Mex
Icon rainofteeth.png
Rain of Teeth deal spooky damage to all enemies Horrifying Concepts of Nex-Mex
Icon summonskeleton1.png
Raise Skeletal Buddy enchant skeleton bones to become usable in combat to summon skeleton warriors Fundamentals of Nex-Mex
Icon summonskeleton2.png
Raise Skeletal Thrall enchant skull chips to become usable in combat to summon skeleton wizards Frightening Topics in Nex-Mex
Icon darkhowdy.png
Dark Howdy Gains mysticality and loose half that amount in muscle and moxie. Disables opponents. Dangerously Advanced Nex-Mex
Icon summonskeleton3.png
Raise Skeletal Gunslinger enchant loose teeth to become usable in combat to summon Skeletal gunslingers Dark Forbidden Secrets of Nex-Mex
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