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The West of Loathing Soundtrack was made available on Bandcamp on 17 August 2017! West of Loathing's phenomenal soundtrack by the illustrious Ryan Ike is now available for purchase on Steam. Check out this track list:

  1. What In Tarnation
  2. West of Loathing (Main Theme)
  3. A Cave Is A Sideways Hole
  4. Better Luck Next Time, Pilgrim
  5. The Quick and the Undead (Spooky)
  6. Draw!
  7. Sit Fer A Spell
  8. The Sticks-For-Hands Rag
  9. El Vibrato Fanfare
  10. Newfangled Contraptions
  11. Dirtwater Jam Band
  12. Fastest Pointer-Finger in the West
  13. Misbehave (In This Cave)
  14. This Song Is Public Domain
  15. The Quick and the Undead (Scary)
  16. These Boots Were Made For Moseyin'
  17. Please Buy Our Game (Trailer)
  18. Panic! South of 'Frisco
  19. The Wild White Yonder
  20. Y'all Level Up, Now

Note: It's packaged as a piece of DLC, so you must own WoL in order to buy it.

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100% of the profits from the soundtrack sales go to Ryan — support independent music by buying this album today!